Direct Nonstop Private Air Charter Service

Small charter aircraft options include the Beechcraft Baron, Piper Seneca, Cessna 340, Cessna 414 and Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, which may all be flown with single pilot operations.

Piston Aircraft Charters

Multi-engine piston aircraft offer an efficient opportunity to fly direct nonstop between cities located approximately 100 to 500 miles apart. A distance in excess of 500 miles may be more appropriate for a turboprop charter plane, but it primarily depends on what type of equipment is available in any given area and how it is positioned geographically to the cities between which you may want to travel.

Some multi-engine piston-driven charter planes are more appropriate for flights on the lower end of the spectrum, particularly when passenger count is between one and four passengers. Examples include the Beechcraft Baron pictured above, and the Piper Seneca. Larger multi-engined piston charter airplanes, which may hold as many as seven passengers, include the Cessna 414, Piper Navajo/Cheyenne and Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. The Cessna 421, for example, competes very well when compared to smaller turboprop aircraft, such as the King Air 90. Pricing may be comparable, as well, depending on private charter aircraft based at nearby geographical locations.

The King Air 200 dual engine and Pilatus PC-12 single engine turboprop charter planes are a popular option for nonstop direct routes when commercial airlines are not available between two cities.

Turboprop Charters

Turboprop aircraft are probably among the most utilized aircraft for charter service.

Turboprop charter planes, such as the dual engined King Air 200 pictured above, may often be flown with single pilot operation. A second pilot is usually available as an added option should the passengers feel more comfortable with dual pilot operations.

The Pilatus PC-12 is another popular turboprop. It features a single engine mounted on the nose of the aircraft.

The Falcon 10 light charter jet is known for its ability to land at short runways.

Jet Charters

Stepping into the private jet charter category, there are several sub-categories of air charter planes featuring jet engines.

The entry-level jet charter option includes very light jets (VLJs), such as the Eclipse 500, Citation Mustang and Phenom 100.

Next, the light jet category is probably the most popular and most utilized private jet category. This category includes the Falcon 10 pictured above, in addition to a number of others, such as the Lear 31, Lear 35, Beechjet 400, Hawker 400XP, Citation Jet (CJ), Ultra, Bravo and Citation II, to name a few.

The light jet category is followed by the mid jet category, featuring aircraft such as the Hawker 800XP, Hawker 700, Lear 55, Learjet 60, Citation Excel and Falcon 20. This group offers a larger cabin and a more usable lavatory, as compared to the light private jet charter options.

Super mid aircraft, such as the Citation X, Sovereign and Latitude, or the Hawker 1000, Falcon 50 or Challenger 300, are a stretched version of the mid jet category with cabins slightly smaller than the heavy jet category, which features the larger luxury jets for long range flights, such as the Challenger 604/605, Falcon 2000, Embraer Legacy, Falcon 900, Gulfstream IV and Global Express/5000.

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